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IoT Boards

IoT Node - ESP32

ESP32 WiFi + BLE Board with modular sensor slot.

Modular Sensors and Devices

Accel - Tilt

Measures 3-axis G-force and detects tilt.

Ambient Light - Gesture

Measures light, RGB, proximity and gesture directions.

Buzzer Button

Carries a big button and a piezoelectric sounder.


Gives 7x8 pads for your very own module.


Measures temperature, RH, pressure and gas resistance.

IR Remote

Carries 38KHz IR Remote Transceiver.

Load Cell Amp

Carries HX711 amplifier to measure weight.


Optically isolates two 24V input channels.

PIR Motion Detect

Detects human movement.

Sound Level

Measures ambient sound level.

Solid State Relay

Carries DC 30V 2A solid state relay.

Temp RH

Measures temperature and relative humidity.

Raspberry Pi HATs


Drives 3 axis stepper motors.


Orchestrates multifunctional sensors and IO's.

Relay HAT

Controls 4 Relays with optical isolation.