Modular System
Turta Modular System is the easiest way of adding sensors to your development board. We're saving you from jumper wires and outdated header connectors. Our open standard modular slot includes I2C, INT, PWM, AN, GPIO and power terminals in a compact, just 3mm low profile. These modules are being produced in matt black and gold plated for best look and high durability. Our modules will keep growing, so stay tuned.
Accel - Tilt
With its MMA8491Q multifunction accelerometer, it detects 3-axis G-force and generates interrupt on >45 tilt.
Ambient Light - Gesture
Carries APDS-9960 Sensor. Measures ambient + RGB light and proximity. Detects hand gestures.
Buzzer Button
Carries one big button and piezoelectric sounder. Ideal for IoT button applications.
Gives 7x8 pads for your very own module. I2C, INT, AN, PWM, GPIO and power pads are supplied.
Carries Bosch BME680 Sensor. Measures temperature, relative humidity, pressure and gas resistance (air quality). Calculates altitude.
IR Remote
Includes IR emitter and 38KHz IR receiver. You can control your air conditioner or TV remotely.
Optically isolates two 24V input channels. Carries LTV-827S Photocoupler IC.
PIR Motion Detect
Detects movement of heat-emitting objects, like humans.
Solid State Relay
Carries DC 30V 2A LCA717S solid state relay to switch small devices.
Temp RH
Measures temperature and relative humidity with ST HTS221 sensor.