Relay HAT
Relay HAT gives you control to switch high-power devices. It has 4 channel 240 Volt 10 Amps mechanical relays. High current area of the board has been isolated from the control side with cutouts and photocouplers. Raspberry Pi or external power supply can power the relays according to your choice.
Relay HAT makes device control practical and safe with its powerful relays and isolated electronic components.
4x Relay
4x Powerful AC240V 10A / DC24V 10A relays can switch devices on or off. These relays have 100.000 to 10.000.000 on - off life, according to the load.
NO and NC Terminals
Normally open and normally closed pins of the relays are both connected to the terminals.
External Connections
Raspberry Pi's I2C, UART, SPI, 2x CS, GPIO 5, 6, 12, 13, 16, 26 pins and power outputs are shared to header terminal.
Optical Isolation
Photocouplers between Raspberry Pi and relay control circuit protect your system from ripples.
Selectable Supply
You can use internal or external power for relays. Raspberry Pi efficiently supplies the required power for relays, but you may wish to use external power for industrial applications.
Cutout Isolation
There are cutouts on the PCB, isolating potential voltage spikes from the control circuit.
Circuit Diagram
Small schematics behind the board explains how the system works.
Green Production
We care about our environment. Turta boards are PB-free and RoHS compliant.
Relay HAT comes with open-source Raspbian and Windows drivers. You can easily jump-start your project with our drivers and examples.
Windows 10 IoT Core References
The reference library includes relay controller helper, so you can control and read relay states.
We have samples for Raspbian and Windows 10 IoT Core. By using our samples, you'll get maximum from the Relay HAT.
Source Code for Raspbian and Windows
You can explore and change IoT HAT's drivers. All of our code is open source and shared under the MIT terms.