Relay Shield
Relay Shield gives you the power to control 4 devices with Arduino. It has 4 channel AC 240V 10A / DC 24V 10A mechanical relays. So you can control things like desk lamps with this board. High Voltage area and Arduino connections are optically isolated to protect your Arduino from possible Voltage spikes. Relay Shield has onboard voltage regulator, so you can select Arduino regulator or Vin to power relays.
Relay Shield makes controlling devices easy.
4x Relays
4x Powerful AC240V 10A / DC24V 10A relays can switch devices on or off. These relays has 100.000 to 10.000.000 on - off life, according to the load.
NO and NC Terminals
Normally open and normally closed pins of the relays are both connected to the terminals.
Onboard Regulator
If you'll be using more than one shield, Arduino's internal regulator might not be sufficient. In this case, Relay Shield uses its onboard regulator to power the relays from Vin.
Optical Isolation
Photocouplers between Raspberry Pi and relay control circuit protect your system from ripples.
Extension Headers
Arduino pinouts are extended with their labels. You can use other shields with Relay Shield unless there is no pin conflict.
Circuit Diagram
There is a small circuit diagram on the back of the board to display how the system works.
Green Production
We care our environment. Turta boards are PB-free and RoHS compliant.
Relay Shield can be controlled easily with GPIO pins. Our open-source libraries makes it even easier.
Arduino Library
Relay controller library makes controling your devices with Arduino IDE easy.
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